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Revival styles in jewelry
One of the most prolific proponents of revival styles during the nineteenth century was the jewelry firm founded by Fortunato Pio Castellani in Rome in 1814 [...]

Going for gold
When the dollar gets weak, gold prices soar, according to conventional wisdom. That's been the case over the last year, and global mining firms are racing to [...]

Fashion vs. fine - fine jewelry - Apparel Merchandising
If all the world's a stage, ponder for a moment the vital role played by costume jewelry--particularly for those not holding season tickets in the orchestra section [...]

Jewelry bails: Delphi
Anyone who has ever been to bead shows has seen stunning dichroic glass and elegant gem cabochons. But how do you wear them? Delphi's new jewelry bails are the easy and beautiful way to wear your favorite cabochons [...]

Rhinestones are forever - Costume Jewelery
Today, most jewelry is equated with feminine beauty: Regard the shine and sparkle of starlets parading on Oscar night. But the origin of many adornments probably is masculine [...]

General Jewelry Tips - The Do's and Don'ts
Jewelery is a personal ornament, such as a necklace, ring, or bracelet, made from gemstones, precious metals or other substances. If cosmetic is for the body, shoes are for the feet, jewelries are for the clothes [...]

How do I care for metal jewelry?
Store jewelry in individual pouches or in separate compartments in the jewelry boxes, when possible, to prevent scratches or environmental damage. Keep away from harsh chemicals or activities that could dent or scratch it [...]

Advice About Jewelry Boxes
You can avoid braving the crowded mall and searching specialty shops for gifts this holiday season. Instead, buy jewelry boxes online and find gifts that are perfect for each person on your list. Jewelry boxes can be great for both men and women [...]

Buying Used Rolex Watches - Have I Bought A Fake Rolex Watch?
How do I know if my used watch is a fake? [...]

Great Tips For Choosing A Diamond Engagement Ring
One of the most common wedding traditions is for the groom to propose to the bride with an engagement ring. Traditionally the engagement ring features a diamond. Choosing a diamond engagement ring can be tricky; it is not something that a lot of guys have much experience with. [...]

Ultrasonic Cleaning of Jewelry
Like any woman needs to employ a whole range of different assets in order to maintain her beauty, the perfect look of your jewelry also depends significantly on how you care about it. [...]